Our Mission

We believe everyone can learn to play music. Our goal is to make the process more fun and accessible for students, parents, and teachers.

Our Values

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We believe in empowering students to reach their full musical potential.

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High-quality music education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or location.

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We believe in providing content to meet the unique goals and learning styles of each student.

What we do

Dynabuddy is an online video streaming platform that supports music education in schools and homes across the United States. 

How we do it

We believe technology can create more equity and access to music education. Dynabuddy offers a library of interactive video lessons that:

-Support independent music practice

-Complement classroom learning

-Empower students, parents, and teachers

Why we do it

We believe in the positive effects of music education.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to experience the joy and lifelong benefits of learning music. 

Dynabuddy is our way to make a positive impact on music education, one student at a time.



Our Story

A lifelong love of music leads to Dynabuddy

Music sparked a passion in me during high school. Playing music just made me happy, and I wanted to help others experience that same joy. This led me to pursue music education, where I discovered a new challenge: overwhelmed teachers with limited time.

From Classroom to Inspiration

Working as a K-8 music teacher, I saw firsthand the immense workload faced by educators. Juggling curriculum design, lesson planning, and student support left little time for the core purpose - teaching music. This experience started me on a mission to find better ways to support students' practice and empower teachers.

Dynabuddy: A Video-Powered Solution

Years of teaching private drum lessons allowed me to experiment with online practice tools. Once I developed play-along videos, the results were clear: students practiced more, enjoyed it more, and progressed faster. Inspired by this success, I envisioned a platform like Dynabuddy - a resource filled with engaging online videos to empower teachers, support students, and make music education easier and more accessible for everyone. 

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