Introducing Dynabuddy: Your Partner for Learning Music

May 13, 2024By Allan Ward
Allan Ward


My name is Allan. For my first blog post, I want to share a little bit about why I started Dynabuddy and what I hope it can do for you.

 The seed idea:

As both a K-8 public school music teacher and private music instructor, it became clear to me that my students learn things differently than I did as a kid. I read books and listened to music on cassette tapes and CDs, while my students watch online videos to learn things and to listen to music. I wondered if there was a way to use online videos to help them practice. I started experimenting with online play-along videos for my private students and the results were amazing. All of my students practiced more with the videos, enjoyed practicing, and made great progress. 

How can this help teachers?

 This made me wonder what my experience as a public school teacher would have been like if I’d had online videos for my students. What if there were videos I could have assigned as homework that would address technical issues I never had time to teach in the classroom? What if there were videos I could use as warmups or to introduce music theory concepts? What if I could use videos as assessments or sub plans? It would have saved me so much time and reduced my stress level. 

What I did about it:

 Thinking about this inspired me to create Dynabuddy. The pandemic has only increased the need for high-quality online instruction in music education, and I hope Dynabuddy videos can make life easier for everyone involved in the music learning process. While there is no substitute for in-person instruction, my hope is that these videos can be used to support existing and emerging music programs across the country. 

Check it out!

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