Meet Sean Machoff: Dynabuddy Graphic Designer

Jun 09, 2024By Allan Ward
Allan Ward

Sean Machoff: Graphic Designer

Sean Machoff is my cousin! I spent many holidays with him growing up and always knew him to be artistically gifted. We crossed paths in our adult life and bonded again over our mutal artistic interests and general creative nature. It feels like Sean and I are kindred artistic people who just naturally gravitated back into each others lives. With patience and understanding, Sean helped us bring Dynabuddy to life with his graphic design skills. 

Early Collaboration

Sean started by learning about our concept and goals. He clarified what kind of feel and aesthetic we wanted reflected in our font, animations, and graphics. After a lot of emails and video meetings he created the graphics that have come to life through animation in our videos. Sean had the fun idea to create a whole family of 11 dinosaurs, inspired by an old Donkey Kong game, that aligns with the 11 different kinds of musical activities we have. This is one of the awesome ideas that Sean suggested to us along the way.

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Dynabuddy Animation

Sean created our early videos, and then created animation templates for us to further customize as we continued building our video library. He then patiently taught us the basics of creating animation from still 2D art. It was quite a learning curve for us! We are so grateful for the work Sean has done in such a patient and understanding way. If you ever need graphic design work or branding work for a project connect with Sean and you'll be glad you did!

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