Meet Milan Bertosa, Audio Engineering Consultant

Jun 09, 2024By Megan Ward
Megan Ward

Early Collaboration

Allan and I were fortunate enough to work with Milan Bertosa, the legendary audio engineer, on a passion project I started called Pacific Harp Project. It's a jazz ensemble with harp, vibraphone, saxophone, bass, and drums.

We recorded two albums and some videos with Milan doing the recording, mixing, and mastering. Milan quickly became a crucial part of the ensemble because of the gorgeous sound quality he produced and the way he made sure every nuance of the harp was heard throughout the ensemble.

We loved working with Milan and we learned so much from him in the recording studio. He was always patient and kind while I was finding my way as a bandleader and composer, and he soon became a friend.

A Vital Resource

When Allan and I started recording the audio for Dynabuddy, it didn't take long before we discovered that we were in way over our heads. Milan was the first person we turned to for help.

We explained the concept of Dynabuddy videos and he immediately knew what to do. He was incredibly supportive and we hired him as a consultant to talk us through all the details of recording, mixing, and mastering the sounds to fit the unique goals of Dynabuddy videos.

We want kids to be able to hear the video sounds clearly, but they need to hear themselves play as well. When there is accompaniment, students should be able to hear the full range of the piano so they can follow along and hear the harmonies. When students play along with metronome, it should be easy to hear but it shouldn't give anyone a headache. Milan patiently walked us through the nuts and bolts of producing exactly the right sounds, holding our hands every step of the way.

Saying Goodbye

We were as surprised as everyone when Milan suddenly passed away at age 61 in January, 2023. He was a beloved part of our music community, and I wish he were alive to see the launch of Dynabuddy. He may be best remembered for recording the Hawaiian version of "Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, but I will always remember him for his quiet, unwavering support, deep knowledge, and guidance.

Beyond his professional achievements, Milan was a mentor, a friend, and an inspiration to those who had the privilege of working with him. His warmth, humility, and genuine love for music left an indelible impression on everyone he encountered, myself included.

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